Women’s Nutrition Reinvented.

Pelex reimagined nutritional care for women. Now you can access expert nutrition experts from your home. Whenever. Wherever.

Is Pelex Nutrition for me?

Carry more weight

I carry more weight than I would like

Time Consumption

Meeting with a nutritionist is too time consuming

Chronic illness

I have a chronic illness/illnesses such as high blood pressure that require medical consideration when changing my nutrition

Lack of Willpower

I am always hungry and willpower just isn’t working anymore


I am so confused by all the nutrition recommendations out there

Nutritions over medications

I would like to use nutrition rather than medications to improve my health

Pelex brings the experts to your home

We are a physician backed TeleHealth program that allows us to comprehensively treat, evaluate our patients and order bloodwork, diagnostic testing and medications

Dr. Wolff

Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Pelex

Lindsay Venn, PA, RD

Metabolic Health and Hormone Balance

Paula Karamihas, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Sports Registered Dietician

Colleen Carrion, MS, RD, CDN, CSCS

Sports Registered Dietician

What our Patients Say

Lindsay Venn has changed my life! Her knowledge and expertise about food and lifestyle has completely changed my overall health and well being. You can tell she has put in a lot of time to know her stuff inside and out. I  recommend her to anyone!!
Meg M.
Lindsay Venn is fabulous and friendly. My visit with her was educational and gave me real concepts to correct a life long problem with eating correctly. I appreciate the time and consideration she gave to my care. I'm excited to implement her plan for me and feel as if my future health is on a great path finally with corrected education and consideration
Tiffany J.
I have seen Lindsay Venn and would highly recommend her to anyone.  What excellent care I have received from her.  She is so very interested and caring as she guides you to a plan for optimum health
Vicki S.
As the nutrition specialist, Lindsay Venn is focused on improving your health and quality of life. She is knowledgeable in the proper diet to suit your health situations. I look forward to feeling better, more energy, and being considered an important part of their business. Here you won’t be patronized, marginalized, or chastised because of a mistake.
Gordon N.
I’ve been seeing Lindsay Venn and she is FANTASTIC!! She has so much knowledge and she’s more than willing to share it so you understand what’s going on with your body and how foods affect it differently. I’ve been seeing her for help with weight loss with insulin resistance and PCOS. I lost 7lbs the first month, but even more than that, I feel like myself again. Everyone needs to see Lindsay, even if they aren’t struggling with weight. I’d give ten stars if I could!
Mikayla L.

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